Friday, January 30, 2009


I've decided to restart this blog. I've deleted all the old posts, because they'll be irrelevant for what I'll be using this blog for.

I'm not making any assumptions about who reads this blog. If you're reading this, and you're not me, then welcome. But I don't think I'll have that many readers, for the time being.

What do I want to blog about? Technical stuff, mostly. I'm learning ASP.NET MVC, working out a few pet projects that have been stuck in my head for a couple of years now, trying to pick up where I left off when all of a sudden I got into photography and making music and electronics and stuff like that. I tend to lose interesting fast so I keep switching and spending money on those kinds of things. You can't spend time on all of those things at once.

I'm on facebook nowadays. It's actually quite neat. It allows you to stay in touch with everyone you know even though you know you're not nearly making enough time for those people.

Hopefully I'll be writing more often. Why would I be writing when no one will be reading this? First of all, It's always possible that somebody stumbles upon this blog. So effectively people will be reading this. But I'll be writing more about ideas that I may have, or about stuff that I find cool and links that I found. Putting all of that in a blog will allow me to keep track of it all as well, as those things are archived and searchable.

I'll be taking the moral high road up front and say that I will welcome any comments you may have, so I'll be enabling comments on this blog. But I do take things personally so please be objective about it.

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