Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Web is not 'dead'

Got my eyes on this so-called article today, claiming that the Web as we know it is dead.

Just because there's a lot more traffic going to peer-to-peer and video applications doesn't mean that the Web is dead. I'm sure most of that video is fed over HTTP, the protocol that the Web is built on, and uses URLs to get found. Most of the third party applications that don't need a browser to talk to their servers using Web Services in one form or another, so I wouldn't consider that 'dead' either.

The fact that people are using more and more devices that can reach the Web without actually using a browser also doesn't mean that the Web is dead. In fact, more and more devices (handhelds, smartphones, music players, consoles) actually gain a modern useful browser that can be used to browse all of the Web instead of being limited to device-specific formats such as WAP. So I'd say there's more useful browsers these days than before.

The writer of that article clearly doesn't have a clue about what makes all these useful apps work. I just felt like pointing that out to anyone that takes that article at face value.

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